a board game about city management

Palitovichy is fun and educative tool to learn the fundamental concepts of the local governmental processes. The participants become the managers of a city. They have limited resources that they need to agree upon how to use. They need to debate of the others to defend their interests. Depending on who the player is, the game can achieve different goals.


The story behind Palitovichy

In 1992 that was heavy rains and thunder storms in the mountainous parts of Belarus. Due to bad infrastructure, the town of Palitovicy was cut off the rest of the country for some time.

The town was used to running it self, that was something that went back to Magdebourg rule of medieval times. And since no one could reach the town, it continued in it old ways with its local parliament. When the rest of the country went trough political changes, the citizens of Palitovicy lived under the 1991 constitution with the red/white flag.

Later when things in Belarus calmed down no one cared of the practice in Palitovicy, it could just carry on. And since the citizens Palitovicy don’t like what they see and here about the rest of the country, they decide it is for the best to stay as they are, the town don’t want the same change as Belarus has gone through.

The mayor is a symbolic character and the city is run by the council that is elected every fifth year. Recently an election has been made; you (the game participants) are now responsible for the town - and the country surrounding it.


I never though politics was for me but this was both fun and interesting. I could consider to join a party. I want to play this in Gomel and talk about our local issues.
This is a new way of thinking - to be in power! Very few people think this way, that THEY are part of the executive power. This game will help new members, youth and ordinary member to reflect on the decision-making process and start to think in scenarios. It is a good way to see the whole picture.
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A game for Belarus

For the moment Palitovichy only exist in the Belarusian language. If you are interested in translating the game to an other language pleas contact us. The game is under a creative commons licens and we would happily support any initiative translating the game.

Instruction video

Getting started

Download and print a pdf-file (it contains all the elements needed for the game)
You will need tape, scissors to prepare the board and dice or mobile dices to play.
For mobile dice search "Dice" in app stores there are free versions for both iPhone and Android

  •   Download pdf-file
  •   Print the pdf-file
  •   Tape sheets
  •   cut out pictures
  •   Find dice